Top 10 Most played Android mobile video game Apps, features and gameplay

Android mobile phones is been used widely by about 70 percent of the total number of people in the world.

Android mobile phones is been used widely by about 70 percent of the total number of people in the world.

These games are widely played and enjoyed by Android users because of their easy gameplay learning.

Top 10 Most played Android mobile video games Apps, features and gameplay

to reviews at play store and Google play the players also gave feedback revealing that they enjoy the game because of the fewer pop ads which appear while playing other games.

In this article we will discuss these most played Android video games and how it’s played.

Mini Militia

Mini Militia is a Combat an intense battle at the arena with the Doodle Army. The last one standing wins the game.


The game, Mini Militia can be played not only on Android but also on Ipad or iOS devices.

As a player of this highly intense game, you will begin your training when you meet Sarge who pushes you to hone your skills in any one of the three offline gaming modes: Training, Survival, and Co-op.


Players can choose from a variety of weapons, including shotguns, sniper rifles, and even flamethrowers. Talk about exciting!

Once you have mastered the offline gaming modes, you can move on to the online mode. In this mode, you can connect with players from around the world and engage in adrenaline-pumping virtual international warfare.

The game offers dual stick shooting controls that give players a great deal of control over their online characters. The powerful rocket boots give players the boost they need to fly vertically and obtain a strategic advantage over the enemy.

Other aspects of the game that make it incredibly entertaining are the melee attacks, dual wield ability, and zoom control. All players also have access to the best weapons and grenades.

If you are looking for more realistic graphics, then this game is not for you. The action of Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is set against a cartoonish backdrop that is meant to be more tongue-in-cheek than real-world.

Dream League


Dream League Soccer is an entertaining soccer simulator that challenges you to lead your team to victory starting on the lower ranks of a fictional league that includes several teams from the European leagues.


At the beginning of the game, you can choose a name for your team, design your gear, and choose a captain. Once that’s done, you’ll start in a league with several modest teams such as Levante, Anderlecht, and Heerenveen. From there you’ll have to start winning matches to move up to a higher division.

Along the way you have to manage all aspects of your team: upgrade your stadium’s facilities, create your team’s tactics, recruit players, and review all stats for your team’s starting squad. All this will have an impact when you take to the field and try to score goals.

The fun begins in the game simulator. There are three basic buttons: pass, shoot, and cross – but these are more than enough for you to enjoy an amazing control system. You can use them to block and make long passes, dribbles, lobs, and much more.

Dream League Soccer is one of the best soccer games out there, and the best part is that it’s completely free. You can pay to remove the advertising, but as it’s neither excessive nor annoying, it’s not necessary.

PUBG Mobile


PUBG is an acronym for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a multiplayer battle royale-style online game. Torque your adrenaline with this fast-paced experience.


Drop into your battleground with your teammates to begin your adventure. PUBG allows you to partner up in teams of two, three, four, or play solo.

Strategy and team communication are crucial in this exciting dash to see who outlasts whom. Explore cities, buildings, and unique terrain as you strategize your way to the end. Competition is fierce as teams fight to the death to be the last team standing.

Meanwhile, the game environment shrinks throughout the play, adding an element of interest. Don’t get caught outside the zone or you’ll slowly take damage.

Android users finally can play their favorite desktop and console game on their mobile devices for free. The functionality is largely maintained from desktop/console to mobile, putting the power of this fun game in players’ hands on the go.

PUBG is the ultimate game for anyone looking for a fun and competitive battle royale game filled with strategy.

Water Color Sort


Water Color Sort is an addictive puzzle game that presents players with a very interesting premise.

The player aims to get one color of water per test tube by emptying the contents of many test tubes as carefully as possible.


The player must try to separate the different colors into single-color recipients while avoiding running out of moves or space at all costs.

With some surprisingly simple and accessible controls and very satisfying and fun gameplay, Water Color Sort is a breath of fresh air in the saturated genre that is puzzle games.

The simple controls in Water Color Sort mean that practically any player can enjoy the playability right from the start.

To begin separating the colors in the test tubes, just tap on the one you want to empty and then tap again on the tube you want to tip the contents into.

This will change the first layer of color in the tube, keeping the other layers intact.

Your end goal in Water Color Sort is to get each tube with just one color inside, even if some of them end up empty. Each new level you pass will add new tubes and colors, making it harder to progress.


Beach Buggy Racing


Beach Buggy Racing is a 3D racing game in pure Mario Kart style where players drive a buggy through different settings like beaches, towns, deserts, and even jungles.


Beach Buggy Racing is simple: your buggy is always accelerating and you aim to try to take the turns as well as you can by tilting your device in the right direction. You can also touch the screen to stop or reverse, but you probably won’t have to do that too often.

Even though it’s possible to win a race by playing by the rules, Beach Buggy Racing also has loads of power-ups you can get to slow down your rivals.

You can shoot rockets or motor oil at them, among other things, or you can defend yourself with shields and turbos.

As usual for this kind of game, you can customize your vehicles and even win new ones. All in all, there are 12 race tracks in the game.

Beach Buggy Racing is an excellent 3D racing game in all respects and offers an interesting alternative for players looking for something similar to Mario Kart.


Candy Crush Saga


In the game, players complete levels by swapping colored pieces of candy on a game board to make a match of three or more of the same color, eliminating those candies from the board and replacing them with new ones, which could potentially create further matches.


Matches of four or more candies create unique candies that act as power-ups with larger board-clearing abilities.

Boards have various goals that must be completed within a fixed number of moves or limited amount of time, such as a certain score or collecting a specific number of a type of candy.

Candy Crush Saga is considered one of the first and most successful uses of a freemium model;

while the game can be played completely through without spending money, players can buy special actions to help clear more difficult boards, from which King makes its revenues—at its peak the company was reportedly earning almost $1 million per day.

Around 2014, over 93 million people were playing Candy Crush Saga, while revenue over three months as reported by King was over $493 million.

Five years after its release on mobile, the Candy Crush Saga series has received over 2.7 billion downloads, and the game has been one of the highest-grossing and most-played mobile apps in that time frame.

King has since released three related titles, Candy Crush Soda SagaCandy Crush Jelly Saga, and Candy Crush Friends Saga, and most of the company’s other mobile titles follow the same Saga freemium format.


FIFA Soccer


The game, FIFA Mobile is an association football simulation video game developed by EA Mobile and EA Canada and published by EA Sports for iOS and Android. It was released on 11 October 2016 for iOS and Android.

The game introduces a new “VS Attack” mode in which players mostly play the offensive stages of a match. They also have to defend counter-attacks from the opposition.

The VS Attack mode features an asynchronous turn-based multiplayer. The game also features Live Events themed on recent real-world events, as well as mini-games based on skills such as shooting, passing, dribbling, and goalkeeping.

It also includes events based on the Champions League and other different leagues throughout the world

Microsoft Windows was also included until 2017. It was announced on August 16, 2016, during Gamescom 2016.


Piano Tiles


Piano Tiles is a music arcade game, created by Hu Wen Zeng & Heo Min Heol. It was published by the Entertainment department of Cheetah Mobile & CJ E&M.


The game aims to tap the black tiles without making any mistakes. It was published in August 2015 as the sequel of Piano Tiles.


It has been removed from Google’s Play Store in early March 2020 due to dangerous adware and malware files found in Cheetah Mobile’s applications, but it remains available in Apple’s App Store.

However, it has been added back to Apple App store.


Dead Target


Dead Target is a Zombie (MOD, Unlimited Money) and nice 3D first-person shooter, the plot of which takes place in 2040, the planet is exhausted by war and nuclear weapons.


Humanity is fighting for resources balances, but at the very end of the war, biological weapons have been used, which infect all living things in its path, leaving the crowds behind infected mutants.

You miraculously survived and are trying to survive in this harsh world DEAD TARGET Zombie mod apk, using the most advanced weapons, and smite the enemies of the crowd on his way to buy or improve your gear that would always be stronger than his opponent.


Temple Run


Temple Run is a video game franchise of 3D endless running video games developed and published by Imangi Studios.

The primary theme of the series is an explorer chased by a group of demon monkeys, however, the characters and theme vary between spin-offs.

The game was initially released for iOS devices on August 4, 2011, and later ported to Android systems and Windows Phone 8.

The series consists of five titles and has received commercial success with multiple entries surpassing 1 million downloads.


In the Temple Run series, the player controls a player character with the perspective behind the player character’s back.

While the character is running, the player can swipe left or right to move the character to either side of the screen to collect coins and avoid obstacles.

The player can also swipe down to slide down towards the ground or swipe up to jump.

If the path leads to a turn, the player must swipe toward the direction of the turn to successfully stay on the path. Intersections on the path allow the player to choose different paths.

If the player does not avoid obstacles or doesn’t turn to stay on the path, the player will fall off the path or die and lose. Throughout the path, there are coins to collect.

There are three types of coins to be found while the character is running: gold, red, and blue. A gold coin will only add one coin to the player’s total number of coins. Red coins are worth two coins, while blue coins are worth three.

The coins can be used to buy and then upgrade power-ups and/or other characters. Coins can also be bought by the player through in-app purchases with payments of actual money.

When the player needs to turn left or right, the touchscreen can be swiped in the corresponding direction.

If the player wishes to jump over an object, the screen can be swiped upwards; if the player wishes to slide under an object, the screen can be swiped downwards.


There are other most played Android video games available but the aforementioned games are the ones we could discuss, however, more games that are widely played by Android users are available via the play store.


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